Steve Pennington new bishop of Lindchester
Bob Hooty recently retired suffragan Bishop of Barcup

Priests and deacons
Dominic Todd priest of Lindford Parish church
Marion Randall Dean of Lindchester
Mark Lawson Cathedral canon chancellor, ‘Mr Happy’
Giles Littlechild Cathedral canon precentor
Matt Tyler Archdeacon of Lindchester
Bea Whitchurch Archdeacon of Martonbury
Martin Rogers former bishop's chaplain, now Borough Links officer
Philip Voysey-Scott Cathedral canon treasurer
Virginia Coleman curate to Wendy Styles
Wendy Styles Parish priest, ‘Father Wendy’
Veronica da Silva Linden University chaplain
Geoff Morley Vicar of St James’ Lindford
Ed Bailey Rector of Gayden Parva, Gayden Magna, Itchington Eposcopi etc
Guilden Hargreaves  Principle of Barchester Theological College

Andrew Jacks Director of the Dorian Singers
Miss Barbara Blatherwick Cathedral Close resident, former school matron
Becky Rogers Estranged wife of bishop’s chaplain, mother of Leah and Jessica
Danny Rossiter Jane’s son
Freddie May lay clerk in Lindchester
Gene Husband of the dean
Helene Carter Diocesan safeguarding officer
Dr Jane Rossiter Lecturer at Linden University
Janet Hooty Wife of suffragan bishop
Jessica Rogers Younger daughter of bishop’schaplain
Leah Rogers Older daughter of bishop’s chaplain
Mickey Martin Danny’s New Zealander father
Penelope former Bishop  PA
Simeon E. Dacre Poet, colleague of Jane’s, ‘Spider’
Susanna Henderson former Bishop of Lindchester’s wife
Timothy Gladwin Cathedral director of music
Ulrika Littlechild Precentor’s wife, voice coach
Felix Littlechild second son of precentor
Neil Ferguson Fr Ed's partner
Chad William Lawson son of canon chancellor
Sonya Pennington bishop of Lindchester's wife


  1. I really need to know. Is 'Guilden Hargreaves Principle of Barchester Theological College" deliberate? Yes, I thought it would be.

  2. In everything except the spelling...