Tuesday, 22 December 2015


The first installment of Realms of Glory is scheduled for 8pm Sunday 3rd January 2016.  I'm busy writing it in the week before Christmas, which is a strange feeling.  All kinds of things might intervene to make what I write a complete nonsense.  Major political events might occur, storms, earthquakes, upheaval, tragedy and what not.   It might even snow. 

The other complicating factor is that I will be on holiday in Japan.  But you will be patient, dear reader, I feel sure.  In the meantime, here is the carol from which my title comes.  TO THE WRONG TUNE!  (But not to Slane in 4/4, mercifully.)

Sunday, 28 June 2015


The third instalment of the Lindchester Chronicles will begin in January 2016.  Watch this space for more about the new bishop and his Growth Agenda.  How will this hideous manifestation of HTB PLC play out in the gracious aisles of Lindchester cathedral?

And who will be the next bishop of Barcup when our lovely friend Bob retires?  And who will be the new bishop of Barcup's wife?  Surely not Dr Jane Rossiter? Uh oh.

And what of the love-lorn Freddie May?

When I discover the answers to all these questions, you, dear reader, will be the first to know.